Game Recap: Volleyball Falls to Northampton

Game Recap: Volleyball Falls to Northampton

The Montgomery County Community College Mustangs women's volleyball team fell to the Northampton Community College Spartans in their 2013 home opener Wednesday. 

The Mustangs and the Spartans have been close rivals since the inception of the Mustangs program in 2010. Each season the teams battle in close games, flip flopping control of the top spot in the NJCAA Region 19. This year the teams met early in the season to size each other up and get a sense of the upcoming competitions.

Both teams played exceptionally well, pushing through a grueling 90 minute match, littered with long volleys and hard hits.

In the game one, the Mustangs pulled ahead with a 6-3 lead early on, until the Spartans came back to tie it up at 9-9. After that, the teams were neck and neck, trading points until the Spartans lept ahead for the 25-22 win.

In the second game, the play began with an even trading of points until the Mustangs gathered a 16-12 lead. However, the home team could not hold on, as the Spartans, once again, surged late in the game to win 25-23.

Game three was more of the same as the Mustangs briefly won a 8-4 lead, which was slowly eaten away by the Spartans. Towards the end of the game, the Spartans racked up five unanswered points to win the game 25-20, and ultimately win the match 3-0.

Next the Mustangs will take on the Cougars of Lehigh Carbon Community College in a home match on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 7:00 p.m.