Montgomery County Community College Hosts Special Olympics

Montgomery County Community College Hosts Special Olympics

Montgomery County Community College hosted their 4th consecutive Special Olympics event  Friday evening on February 17th. With a little basketball, a hint of competition, and a whole lot of fun added to the mix, the experience fell nothing short of success.

Just like the previous years, Special Olympics once agian had a great turn out and an upbeat crowd. Players regardless of age were young at heart and enjoyed the inviting atmosphere that today's event offered.

The Special Olympics Basketball Tournament is comprised of three 20 minute games. The participating teams included the Montgomery County Community College Mustangs Men's and Women's  basketball team, the Lansdale Titans, and the Conshohocken Stars.  

Each team had the opportunity to play against one another in order to determine who was the ultimate champion of the night. 

For tonight's competition, the champions were the Conshohocken Stars, with a winning score of 23-21 against the Lansdale Titans.

In the games preceding it, the Lansdale Titans had defeated the Mustangs in a dominating score of 42-13. The Conshohocken Stars also defeated the Mustangs 37-29 in the first game of the night.

Overall each team came to play with their game faces on. But by the end of the night, everyone exuded a great sense of community, sportsmanship, and support.

Assistant Athletic Director Kelly Dunbar commented, "Special Olympics is a great opportunity to be part of something bigger in the community. It's fun and everyone has a lot of energy" 

The athletic Department of Montgomery County Community College is proud to be a part of such a event and already looks forward to the next year.