Moving On: Academics Plus Athletics Equal Opportunities At Temple University

Moving On: Academics Plus Athletics Equal Opportunities At Temple University

(Mustangs Moving On is a feature highlighting our Class of 2016 student-athlete graduates. First up Julie Primavera.)

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Mustangs Female Athlete of Year, winner of the Brian Brendlinger Award for Leadership and Involvement and co-founder of the Mustang Spirit Club, Julie Primavera exudes energy and Mustang Pride.

"Once you start playing sports for Montco, you never stop... we are all a big family," she said, describing the strong sense of community among Montgomery County Community College's (MCCC) student-athletes.

However, Primavera admits that she wasn't always so enthusiastic about going to MCCC or being a Mustang.

"People would ask me where I was going to college and I would mumble 'Montco' under my breath because I was ashamed that I was going to community college," she confessed. "Now, two years later, people ask me where I [went] and I say 'MONTCO!!!! Go Mustangs!'"

It didn't take long for MCCC's faculty and students to prove Primavera wrong.

"I expected teachers and students to not really care about academics," she explained. "Once I got there though, I realized that it was such a great school with so many opportunities. All the professors really care about what they are teaching and the students really care about learning."

With student loan debt on the rise, community colleges are an extremely cost-effective option for taking general education classes. Julie explains that this was the primary reason she decided to pursue an associate's degree in Liberal Studies at MCCC. This two-year degree easily transfers to Temple University, where she will pursue a bachelor's in mathematics. Eventually, after earning a master's degree, Primavera hopes to work as an actuary.

"Actuaries deal with risk management [and determine] the probability that something will happen," she explained. "So basically, I get to sit there and mess around with all these numbers to try [to calculate] the likeliness of something [happening]."

This sort of problem solving and probability are things that Primavera enjoys in the classroom, as well as on the field and court.

"It's interesting how the things around us can be explained by numbers and formulas," she said.

At MCCC, Primavera was a three-sport Mustangs student-athlete, playing softball, basketball and soccer, the latter of which she served as team co-captain. As such, she was constantly challenged to solve problems -- whether it was by predicting where a ball would land given the angle at which it was kicked, effectively leading and delegating, or clearly communicating with teammates and coaches.

Primavera said she is grateful for all of these experiences, as they were critical in building her character as a leader. As she continues her education at Temple, where she intends to play soccer, Primavera will undoubtedly be a fantastic teammate, while tenaciously spreading Owl spirit.

- By Kayleigh DiGiacomo