18 Achieve 'Scholar-Athlete' Honors As Graduation Nears

18 Achieve 'Scholar-Athlete' Honors As Graduation Nears

BLUE BELL, Pa. - Making the grade and more! The 2015-16 academic year was one to remember for the Athletics Department as 18 student-athletes, including eight from the Women's Soccer team, scored special Scholar-Athlete honors for their outstanding work inside the classroom between late August 2015 and May 2016.

These full-time students had a minimum 12 credits earned with a GPA between 3.25 and 4.00. Seven achieved Distinguished Scholar-Athlete honors, meaning they maintained a GPA in the range of 3.74 to 4.00. The other 11 earned Scholar-Athlete accolades, meaning they maintained a GPA between 3.25 and 3.74.

Six of the 18, including Rachel DiBenedetto, Emma Hagel, Alison Henning, Julie Primavera, Marisa Christensen and Linda Sobek, played multiple sports during their time at Montgomery County Community College. See the complete list on this page.


 Nicodemus Ananje
 Men's Soccer  Communications
 Antoinette Breccia  Softball  Management
 Rachel DiBenedetto  Soccer, Basketball & Softball  Liberal Studies
 Emma Hagel  V'Ball, Basketball & Softball  Business Administration
 Alison Henning  Soccer, Basketball & Softball  Liberal Studies
 Ed Lohmeyer  Men's Soccer  Liberal Studies
 Julie Primavera  Soccer & Softball  Liberal Studies

In addition, seven of the 18 will be among those graduating on Thursday at MCCC's Central Campus in Blue Bell. Those seven include Devon Beck, Erica and Marisa Christensen, Rachel DiBenedetto, Jaron Kacinski, Ed Lohmeyer and Julie Primavera.

"These young men and women truly exemplify the term 'scholar athlete,'" said Director of Athletics Bruce Bach. "These individuals have achieved a great deal academically while making significant contributions to our program. We wish them the very best."

 Blanca Anoushian   Women's Soccer  Health Services
 Devon Beck  Women's Soccer  Business Administration
 Erica Christensen
 Women's Soccer  Business Administration
 Marisa Christensen  Soccer, Basketball,  Softball  Exercise Science &  Wellness
 Jaron Kacinski  Men's Soccer  Liberal Studies
 Ariel Gaviria Medina  Men's Soccer  Early Education
 Shelby Poston  Women's Soccer  Theatre Arts
 Allegra Schnitzel  Softball  Liberal Studies
 Linda Sobek  Basketball, Softball  Elementary Education
 Tenzin Wangyal  Men's Soccer  Business Administration
 Brendan Watton  Men's Basketball  Accounting

All told, 32 student-athletes will be among MCCC's 2016 graduating class. Those include: Stephanie Angelucci (Volleyball); Nicko Balis (Men's Basketball); Jonathan Basta (Men's Soccer); Devon Beck (Women's Soccer); Erica Christensen (Women's Soccer); Marisa Christensen (Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball); Brandi Clark (Softball); Miguel Cortes (Men's Soccer); Sebastian Derosa (Men's Soccer); Rachel Dibenedetto (Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball); Lauren Dunlap (Women's Soccer); Joshua Durkin (Baseball); Courtney Gill (Volleyball, Women's Basketball); Stefania Gomez (Women's Soccer); Wilson S. Gonzalez (Men's Soccer); Andrew Harcum (Baseball); and Adam Jones (Men's Basketball).

Also Jaron Kicinski (Men's Soccer); Kevin Latorre (Men's Soccer); Edward Lohmeyer (Men's Soccer); Tyreek Magruder (Men's Basketball); Kelsey McDevitt (Women's Soccer); Paul Meagher (Baseball); Corinne Otto (Softball); Anthony Pletscher (Baseball); Julie Primavera (Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball); Matthew Pullett (Men's Basketball); Leigh Ronnan (Softball); Emily Smith (Softball, Women's Basketball); Jason M. Smith (Baseball); Margaret Thompson (Women's Soccer) and India Williams (Women's Basketball).

Congratulations to each and every one of these Mustangs!!