All Smiles! ... Active Summer Camp Wraps Up

All Smiles! ... Active Summer Camp Wraps Up

The Mustangs Summer Day Camp wrapped up its 9-week run with children ages 5 to 17 engaged in a variety of activities.

"We found that kids like being outside and staying active," said Kathy Hawkins, Summer Camp Director and teacher at Montgomery County Community College's nationally accredited Children's Center.

Campers enjoyed a variety of activities each day, including team and individual sports, playground games, strategy puzzles, movies, team work games and free play.

Ten-year-old Noah, who spent his preschool years at the Children's Center, said he enjoyed "Pizza Day on Fridays and making new friendships."

Noah and his fellow campers also had the opportunity to be both in front of and behind the camera on MCCC On The Air.

"Keeping them engaged in a variety of ways. That's what this camp was about," Hawkins said. "For me, it was definitely a change of pace."

Sports participation and physical  fitness  are  of the utmost importance at Mustangs  Summer Day Camp. Each  child  will  have  multiple opportunities  to  play  sports  and  learn  about fitness.

Counselors  are  trained  to  help  campers  build self-confidence,  encourage  their  peers  and advance  their  skills  using  positive reinforcement,  praise  for  effort  and  guidance
towards improvement.