Athletic History

Athletic History 


EPAC Championships



Region XIX Championships



EPAC All Conference

1st Team

Rebecca Godshall-Volleyball

Ayoub Mouhou-Men's Soccer,

Frank Dadparvar-Men's Soccer

Luis Cordero -Men's Soccer

Cameron Reid-Men's Basketball

Taylor Keys- Women's Basketball

Allie Squartino-Softball

Julia Kuneck- Softball

Michael Kelly-Baseball

Colt Narciso-Baseball

Logan Curley-Baseball

2nd Team

Miljana Vukoslavovic- Women's Volleyball

Elias Gehman-Men's Soccer

Eric Podrost-Men's Soccer



Region XIX All Conference


Ayoub Mouhou-Men's Soccer (1st Team)

Frank Dadparvar-Men's Soccer (2nd Team)

Rebecca Godshall- Womens Volleyball (3rd Team) 

Cameron Reid- Men's Basketball (3rd Team)

Taylor Keys- Women's Basketball (2nd Team)


EPAC All Academic Team

Fall 2018- 3.25 GPA or higher during the Fall semester. 

Yasmin Gant

Women's Basketball

Molly McCarthy

Volleyball, Women's Basketball

Miljana Vukoslavovic

Volleyball, Women's Basketball

Caitlin Wallace

Women's Basketball

Grace Terrizzi


Rebecca Godshall


Jessica Tolkacz

Women's Soccer

Hayley Luongo

Women's Soccer

Emily Crosby-Piszczek

Women's Soccer

Ryan Black

Men's Basketball

Vincent Zulli

Men's Basketball

Raj Hogan

Men's Soccer

Elias Gehman

Men's Soccer

Connor Kristoff

Men's Soccer

 Spring-2019  3.25 GPA or higher during the Spring semester

Landon Coyle-Men's Basketball

Vincent Zulli-Men's Basketball

Yasmine Gant-Women's Basketball

Molly McCarthy-Women's Basketball, Softball

Milijana VukoslavovikWomen's Basketball, Softball

Victoria Roetman-Softball

Maggie Kraus-Softball

Jessica Tolkacz-Softball

Abigail Waldbrunn-Softball

C'enna Crosby-Softball

Julia Kuneck-Softball

Eric Boyer-Baseball

Colt Narciso-Baseball


NJCAA All Academic Team

Student-athletes are eligible to earn NJCAA’s academic honors by achieving an overall GPA of 3.6 or higher. The criteria for the three NJCAA All-Academic teams are: First Team, 4.0 GPA; Second Team, 3.8-3.99 GPA; and Third Team, 3.6-3.79 GPA.

2018-2019 2nd Team

Emily Crosby- Women's Soccer, Softball

Rebecca Godshall-Volleyball

Eric Boyer-Baseball

C'enna Crosby-Softball

Yazmin Gant-Women's Basketball

Raj Hogan-Men's Soccer

Connor Kristoff-Men's Soccer

Molly McCarthy- Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women's Softball

Miljana Vukoslavovic-Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women's Softball